Para-Aortic Bodies


Bodies, Para-Aortic

Bodies, Paraaortic

Body, Para-Aortic

Body, Paraaortic

Organ of Zuckerkandl

Organs of Zuckerkandl

Para Aortic Bodies

Para-Aortic Body

Paraaortic Bodies

Paraaortic Body

Zuckerkandl Organ

Zuckerkandl Organs

Small masses of chromaffin cells found near the SYMPATHETIC GANGLIA along the ABDOMINAL AORTA, beginning cranial to the superior mesenteric artery (MESENTERIC ARTERY, SUPERIOR) or renal arteries and extending to the level of the aortic bifurcation or just beyond. They are also called the organs of Zuckerkandl and sometimes called aortic bodies (not to be confused with AORTIC BODIES in the THORAX). The para-aortic bodies are the dominant source of CATECHOLAMINES in the FETUS and normally regress after BIRTH.