Dermatoses, Digitate

Dermatosis, Digitate

Digitate Dermatoses

Digitate Dermatosis

Erythroderma, Maculopapular

Erythrodermas, Maculopapular

Maculopapular Erythroderma

Maculopapular Erythrodermas

Parakeratosis Variegata


Parapsoriasis en Plaque

Parapsoriasis en Plaques

The term applied to a group of relatively uncommon inflammatory, maculopapular, scaly eruptions of unknown etiology and resistant to conventional treatment. Eruptions are both psoriatic and lichenoid in appearance, but the diseases are distinct from psoriasis, lichen planus, or other recognized dermatoses. Proposed nomenclature divides parapsoriasis into two distinct subgroups, PITYRIASIS LICHENOIDES and parapsoriasis en plaques (small- and large-plaque parapsoriasis).