Patellar Ligament


Ligament, Patellar

Ligaments, Patellar

Ligamentum Patellae

Patella Tendon

Patella Tendons

Patellar Ligaments

Patellar Tendon

Patellar Tendons

Tendon, Patella

Tendon, Patellar

Tendons, Patella

Tendons, Patellar

A band of fibrous tissue that attaches the apex of the PATELLA to the lower part of the tubercle of the TIBIA. The ligament is actually the caudal continuation of the common tendon of the QUADRICEPS FEMORIS. The patella is embedded in that tendon. As such, the patellar ligament can be thought of as connecting the quadriceps femoris tendon to the tibia, and therefore it is sometimes called the patellar tendon.