SMN Complex Proteins


Component of Gems 4 Protein

FAM51A1 Protein

Gem Associated Proteins

Gem-Associated Proteins

Gemin 2 Protein

Gemin 4 Protein

Gemin 5 Protein

Gemin 6 Protein

Gemin 7 Protein

Gemin 8 Protein

Gemin Proteins

Gemin-2 Protein

Gemin-4 Protein

Gemin-5 Protein

Gemin-6 Protein

Gemin-7 Protein

Gemin-8 Protein

Gemin2 Protein

Gemin4 Protein

Gemin5 Protein

Gemin6 Protein

Gemin7 Protein

Gemin8 Protein

Protein, Gemin-7

Protein, Gemin7

SMN Complex

Survival of Motor Neuron Complex

Survival of Motor Neuron Complex Proteins

Survival of Motor Neuron Protein Interacting Protein 1

Survival of Motor Neuron Protein-Interacting Protein 1

A complex of proteins that assemble the SNRNP CORE PROTEINS into a core structure that surrounds a highly conserved RNA sequence found in SMALL NUCLEAR RNA. They are found localized in the GEMINI OF COILED BODIES and in the CYTOPLASM. The SMN complex is named after the Survival of Motor Neuron Complex Protein 1, which is a critical component of the complex.