Somatostatin-Secreting Cells


D Cell

D Cell, Gastric

D Cells

D Cells, Gastric

D Cells, Pancreatic

Gastric D Cell

Gastric D Cells

Gastric delta Cell

Gastric delta Cells

Pancreatic D Cell

Pancreatic D Cells

Pancreatic delta Cell

Pancreatic delta Cells

Somatostatin Cell

Somatostatin Cells

Somatostatin Secreting Cells

Somatostatin-Secreting Cell

delta Cell

delta Cell, Gastric

delta Cell, Pancreatic

delta Cells

delta Cells, Gastric

delta Cells, Pancreatic

Endocrine cells found throughout the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT and in islets of the PANCREAS. D cells secrete SOMATOSTATIN that acts in both an endocrine and paracrine manner. Somatostatin acts on a variety of tissues including the PITUITARY GLAND; gastrointestinal tract; pancreas; and KIDNEY by inhibiting the release of hormones, such as GROWTH HORMONE; GASTRIN; INSULIN; and RENIN.