Sterilization Reversal


Fallopian Tube Reanastomoses

Fallopian Tube Reanastomosis

Reanastomoses, Fallopian Tube

Reanastomoses, Tubal

Reanastomoses, Vas Deferens

Reanastomosis, Fallopian Tube

Reanastomosis, Tubal

Reanastomosis, Vas Deferens

Sterilization Reversals

Tubal Reanastomoses

Tubal Reanastomosis

Vas Deferens Reanastomoses

Vas Deferens Reanastomosis

Vas Reanastomosis

Procedures to reverse the effect of REPRODUCTIVE STERILIZATION and to regain fertility. Reversal procedures include those used to restore the flow in the FALLOPIAN TUBE or the VAS DEFERENS.