Sterilization, Tubal


Aldridge Procedure

Chemical Tubal Occlusion

Chemical Tubal Occlusions

Coagulations, Cornual

Cooke Method

Cornual Coagulation

Cornual Coagulations



Fimbriectomy, Kroener

Irving Method

Kroener Fimbriectomy

Kroener Method

Ligation, Tubal

Ligations, Tubal

Madlener Method

Nonchemical Tubal Occlusion

Nonchemical Tubal Occlusions

Occlusion, Chemical Tubal

Occlusion, Nonchemical Tubal

Pomeroy Method

Pomeroy Sterilization

Ring, Tubal

Rings, Tubal

Sterilization, Pomeroy

Sterilizations, Tubal

Tubal Ligation

Tubal Ligations

Tubal Occlusion

Tubal Occlusion, Chemical

Tubal Occlusion, Nonchemical

Tubal Occlusions

Tubal Occlusions, Chemical

Tubal Occlusions, Nonchemical

Tubal Ring

Tubal Rings

Tubal Sterilization

Tubal Sterilizations

Uchida Method

Procedures that render the female sterile by interrupting the flow in the FALLOPIAN TUBE. These procedures generally are surgical, and may also use chemicals or physical means.