Sterol 14-Demethylase


14 alpha-Demethylase, Eburicol

14 alpha-Demethylase, Lanosterol

14-Demethylase, Sterol

14-Demethylases, Sterol

14-alpha-Demethylase, Sterol

14alpha-Demethylase, Eburicol

14alpha-Demethylase, Obtusifoliol

CYP51 Cytochrome P 450

CYP51 Cytochrome P-450

CYP51, Cytochrome P-450

Cytochrome P 450 CYP51

Cytochrome P-450 CYP51

Cytochrome P-450, CYP51

Eburicol 14 alpha Demethylase

Eburicol 14 alpha-Demethylase

Eburicol 14alpha Demethylase

Eburicol 14alpha-Demethylase

Lanosterol 14 alpha Demethylase

Lanosterol 14 alpha-Demethylase

Obtusifoliol 14alpha Demethylase

Obtusifoliol 14alpha-Demethylase

P-450 CYP51, Cytochrome

P-450, CYP51 Cytochrome

Sterol 14 Demethylase

Sterol 14 Demethylases

Sterol 14 alpha Demethylase

Sterol 14-Demethylases

Sterol 14-alpha-Demethylase

An NADPH-dependent P450 enzyme that plays an essential role in the sterol biosynthetic pathway by catalyzing the demethylation of 14-methyl sterols such as lanosterol. The enzyme acts via the repeated hydroxylation of the 14-methyl group, resulting in its stepwise conversion into an alcohol, an aldehyde and then a carboxylate, which is removed as formic acid. Sterol 14-demethylase is an unusual cytochrome P450 enzyme in that it is found in a broad variety of organisms including ANIMALS; PLANTS; FUNGI; and protozoa.