Thalamic Diseases


Dejerine Roussy Syndrome

Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome

Disease, Thalamic

Diseases, Thalamic

Syndrome, Dejerine-Roussy

Syndrome, Thalamic

Syndromes, Thalamic

Thalamic Disease

Thalamic Syndrome

Thalamic Syndromes

Disorders of the centrally located thalamus, which integrates a wide range of cortical and subcortical information. Manifestations include sensory loss, MOVEMENT DISORDERS; ATAXIA, pain syndromes, visual disorders, a variety of neuropsychological conditions, and COMA. Relatively common etiologies include CEREBROVASCULAR DISORDERS; CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA; BRAIN NEOPLASMS; BRAIN HYPOXIA; INTRACRANIAL HEMORRHAGES; and infectious processes.