Hypoxia, Brain


Anoxia, Brain

Anoxia, Cerebral

Anoxic Brain Damage

Anoxic Encephalopathies

Anoxic Encephalopathy

Brain Anoxia

Brain Damage, Anoxic

Brain Damage, Hypoxic

Brain Hypoxia

Cerebral Anoxia

Cerebral Hypoxia

Damage, Anoxic Brain

Damage, Hypoxic Brain

Encephalopathies, Anoxic

Encephalopathies, Hypoxic

Encephalopathy, Anoxic

Encephalopathy, Hypoxic

Hypoxia, Cerebral

Hypoxic Brain Damage

Hypoxic Encephalopathies

Hypoxic Encephalopathy

A reduction in brain oxygen supply due to ANOXEMIA (a reduced amount of oxygen being carried in the blood by HEMOGLOBIN), or to a restriction of the blood supply to the brain, or both. Severe hypoxia is referred to as anoxia, and is a relatively common cause of injury to the central nervous system. Prolonged brain anoxia may lead to BRAIN DEATH or a PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE. Histologically, this condition is characterized by neuronal loss which is most prominent in the HIPPOCAMPUS; GLOBUS PALLIDUS; CEREBELLUM; and inferior olives.