Vagotomy, Proximal Gastric


Gastric Vagotomies, Proximal

Gastric Vagotomy, Proximal

Highly Selective Vagotomies

Highly Selective Vagotomy

Parietal Cell Vagotomies

Parietal Cell Vagotomy

Proximal Gastric Vagotomies

Proximal Gastric Vagotomy

Proximal Vagotomies, Selective

Proximal Vagotomy, Selective

Selective Proximal Vagotomies

Selective Proximal Vagotomy

Selective Vagotomies, Highly

Vagotomies, Highly Selective

Vagotomies, Parietal Cell

Vagotomies, Proximal Gastric

Vagotomies, Selective Proximal

Vagotomy, Highly Selective

Vagotomy, Parietal Cell

Vagotomy, Selective Proximal

Vagal denervation of that part of the STOMACH lined with acid-secreting mucosa (GASTRIC MUCOSA) containing the GASTRIC PARIETAL CELLS. Since the procedure leaves the vagal branches to the antrum and PYLORUS intact, it circumvents gastric drainage required with truncal vagotomy techniques.