Wavelet Analysis


Analyses, Spatiotemporal Wavelet

Analyses, Wavelet

Analysis, Spatiotemporal Wavelet

Analysis, Wavelet

Processing, Wavelet Signal

Processings, Wavelet Signal

Signal Processing, Wavelet

Signal Processings, Wavelet

Spatiotemporal Wavelet Analyses

Spatiotemporal Wavelet Analysis

Transform, Wavelet

Transforms, Wavelet

Wavelet Analyses

Wavelet Analyses, Spatiotemporal

Wavelet Analysis, Spatiotemporal

Wavelet Signal Processing

Wavelet Signal Processings

Wavelet Transform

Wavelet Transforms

Signal and data processing method that uses decomposition of wavelets to approximate, estimate, or compress signals with finite time and frequency domains. It represents a signal or data in terms of a fast decaying wavelet series from the original prototype wavelet, called the mother wavelet. This mathematical algorithm has been adopted widely in biomedical disciplines for data and signal processing in noise removal and audio/image compression (e.g., EEG and MRI).