ELF 2 Protein, Mammalian

ELF-2 Protein, Mammalian

ELF-2, Mammalian

Efbn2 Gene Product

Eph Ligand Family 2 Protein, Mammalian

Ephrin B2

Eplg5 Gene Product

Eplg5 Protein

HTKL Protein

Htk Ligand

LERK 5 Gene Product

LERK 5 Protein

LERK-5 Gene Product

LERK-5 Protein

Ligand, Htk

Mammalian ELF 2

Mammalian ELF-2

Mammalian ELF-2 Protein

A transmembrane domain containing ephrin that binds with high affinity to EPHB1 RECEPTOR; EPHB3 RECEPTOR; and EPHB4 RECEPTOR. Expression of ephrin-B2 occurs in a variety of adult tissues. During embryogenesis, high levels of ephrin-B2 is seen in the PROSENCEPHALON; RHOMBENCEPHALON; developing SOMITES; LIMB BUD; and bronchial arches.