Tegmentum Mesencephali


Accessory Oculomotor Nuclei

Annular Nucleus

Annulari, Nucleus

Annularis, Nucleus

Cajal Interstitial Nucleus

Darkschewitsch Nucleus

Darkshevich Nucleus

Darkshevich's Nucleus

Darkshevichs Nucleus

Interstitial Nucleus of Cajal

Mesencephali, Tegmentum

Mesencephalic Tegmentum

Mesencephalic Tegmentums

Mesencephalic Trigeminal Nucleus

Mesencephalus, Tegmentum

Midbrain Tegmentum

Midbrain Tegmentums

Midbrain Trigeminal Nucleus

Nervi Trochleari, Nucleus

Nervi Trochlearis, Nucleus

Nuclei, Accessory Oculomotor

Nucleus Annulari

Nucleus Annularis

Nucleus Nervi Trochleari

Nucleus Nervi Trochlearis

Nucleus Sagulum

Nucleus Sagulums

Nucleus Tractus Mesencephalici Nervi Trigemini

Nucleus of Darkschewitsch

Nucleus, Annular

Nucleus, Darkshevich's

Nucleus, Mesencephalic Trigeminal

Nucleus, Midbrain Trigeminal

Nucleus, Peripeduncular

Nucleus, Sagulum

Nucleus, Trochlear

Nucleus, Ventral Tegmental

Oculomotor Nuclei, Accessory

Peripeduncular Nucleus

Sagulum Nucleus

Sagulum, Nucleus

Sagulums, Nucleus

Tegmental Nucleus, Ventral

Tegmentum Mesencephalus

Tegmentum of Midbrain

Tegmentum, Mesencephalic

Tegmentum, Midbrain

Tegmentums, Mesencephalic

Tegmentums, Midbrain

Trigeminal Nucleus, Mesencephalic

Trigeminal Nucleus, Midbrain

Trochlear Nucleus

Trochleari, Nucleus Nervi

Trochlearis, Nucleus Nervi

Ventral Tegmental Nucleus

Portion of midbrain situated under the dorsal TECTUM MESENCEPHALI. The two ventrolateral cylindrical masses or peduncles are large nerve fiber bundles providing a tract of passage between the FOREBRAIN with the HINDBRAIN. Ventral MIDBRAIN also contains three colorful structures: the GRAY MATTER (PERIAQUEDUCTAL GRAY), the black substance (SUBSTANTIA NIGRA), and the RED NUCLEUS.