Urinary Sphincter, Artificial


Artificial Genitourinary Sphincter

Artificial Genitourinary Sphincters

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Artificial Urinary Sphincters

Genitourinary Sphincter, Artificial

Genitourinary Sphincters, Artificial

Sphincter, Artificial Genitourinary

Sphincter, Artificial Urinary

Sphincters, Artificial Genitourinary

Sphincters, Artificial Urinary

Urinary Sphincters, Artificial

An artifical implanted device, usually in the form of an inflatable silicone cuff, inserted in or around the bladder neck in the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence caused by sphincter weakness. Often it is placed around the bulbous urethra in adult males. The artificial urinary sphincter is considered an alternative to urinary diversion.